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Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by TundraDancingGal
1/30/2016  10:48:00 AM
I feel just sick reading all these posts. Doctors can do incredible things to help people but sadly a common link, particularly in orthopedic surgeries, is a doctor's view of success and a patient's view. Often the procedures can be successful at preventing greater pain or limitations, but can't get the patient back to where he or she expects. There are procedures commonly done such as hip and knee replacements which have terrific outcomes, but others are more complex, such as the foot or back. That's where you often see the disconnect and frustration post-surgery.

I have a morton's neuroma in my foot so I've been following this thread. Luckily I was familiar with the issue and was able to mitigate the pain and problems by life-style changes which included reducing dance time to allow the foot to heal. Others have had injections or surgery with varying degrees of success. Before any surgery, get multiple opinions, do your research and talk to others so you understand your choices and possible outcomes.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Ava
1/14/2016  12:49:00 PM
I am in such pain and from all the posts feel like I will regret toe fusion
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Carla Capetillo
1/23/2016  12:08:00 AM
Can you tell me how your hemi-implant has worked through the years? Is your joint still functional? Do you have pain?
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by zoe
2/20/2016  7:02:00 PM
I had my right toe fused 9 years ago.
You cannot wear any heels after the surgery as most shoes require your toe to bend and the toe cannot do that. Didn't bother me I live in sneakers.
If you like wearing heels , I would suggest you might want joint replacement instead. You don't lose movement of the joint.

When I had my surgery replacement was not an option at that time. I am getting my left toe joint replaced in April , and i am looking forward to being pain free.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Katrina
3/26/2016  11:09:00 AM
Thank you to everybody who has shared their experiences on this thread. It's been really interesting to read.

I'm 10 weeks post big toe joint fusion as well s midfoot fusion of the 2-3 metatarsals. I was 7 weeks in a cast, and now been in a knee length boot for 3 weeks, partial weight bearing for two weeks and walking without crutches for the past week.

Long time runner as well as I'm a pilates instructor. I developed arthritis in my foot mainly stemning from a bad break 30 years ago.

Everything is going really well for me so far, and my doctor has told me that eventually I will have no problems going up on my toes (calf raises, lunges being two exercises I didn't want to give up). I believe him because my best friend had her big toe joint fused 4 years ago and she's been running around in heels for 3 years now and recently ran her 2nd half marathon since her surgery.

I just want to say that although it's always beneficial to read the good and the bad - you do have to realize that when reading "online" you are going to hear of more bad stories than good. People with no problems tend to go on with life, whereas those experiencing problems tend to look for help and comfort online, and sharing their stories in the process.

Attitude goes a long long way with this surgery, as does realistic expectations. Not just for a final outcome, but for how long it may take to reach that final outcome. My friend I mentioned wearing the high heels - wasn't doing that until a year after her surgery. Long term is what's important!

My best to everybody and like I said, please do remember that with any kind of medical procedure, you read more horror stories online than positive. It's just natural that those suffering are going to be posting more. Happy patients aren't typically online, other than maybe to look for specific answers here and there but they move on.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Karen
5/19/2016  8:49:00 AM

My scenario is almost exactly yours. I had a bilateral MTP fusion on 1/20/2016. I did both at the same time which I do not regret. Recently I have had some pain in the joint above the fusion and I was wondering what sandals people find comfortable. I am not concerned with heels. I have not worn heels for years. Any shoe or sandal suggestions would be appreciated.

Also stay Positive EVERYONE!!!

Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by CazAnn
1/8/2017  4:47:00 AM
Hi there

Another year down the track and I am happy to report that the problem with the soreness in the adjacent Interphalangeal joint of my big toe is much, much better! However the down side is that with the improved mobility, the big toe on the other side is becoming increasingly displaced and the midfoot and arch has just recently started becoming quite painful. My husband and I are doing a 7 week trip to Europe in May this year, so I really hope that it doesn't get any worse quickly.

On the topic of footwear - my go to everyday summer sandals are Finn Comforts and Vionic Orthaheel flip flops. I wear Camper sandals (with a stiff sole and lace up tops) and Gabor sandals with a wedge for something more dressy. Having said that - I find summer much harder to deal with footwear wise than winter, where I can hide my feet in supportive shoes and boots. The fused toe foot is also a different shape to the other one (due to the surgical shortening of the metatarsal for the fusion) so strappy sandals look pretty ordinary and only come out for the warmest days!

I've come to the conclusion a lot of post op issues for me were related to nearby joints, tendons and muscles adjusting to increased workload after an MTPJ Fusion. Ever since the surgery I've been having hour long remedial massages monthly and my therapist always spends a good deal of the appointment working on my IP toe joint, heel area and achilles - I call it 'preventive maintenance'.

Posted by Trish Bucknell
1/21/2017  6:33:00 PM
Hi Linda
Can you go through the stages of recovery please. How long was each stage before you were able to weight bear??? How did you occupy yourself whilst being off your feet for so long???Or did you not have to be offf your feet for too long? Are you doing normal activities now?? What is your age???does this make a difference??
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