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Full Membership comparison?
Posted by denpin
9/1/2014  11:32:00 AM
I am considering upgrading to the full membership however your comparison page seems to be very outdated and so I am confused as to weather or not the full membership provides full instructional videos for all steps at the BRONZE level. Your comparison page currently states....
"Full instruction videos for bronze syllabus patterns will added beginning November 2012."

If I upgrade will the website provide Full instruction videos for all of the bronze step or not?

Thank you
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by Administrator
9/1/2014  2:20:00 PM
Hi Denpin,

It's actually correct -- we began in November 2013, although we did alter our game plan after having edited a few videos, realizing it wasn't the best course of action. We spent a while cataloging and preparing all of the assets, and are now back to editing, this time much faster -- about 2-3 videos per week (although I do have to take this week off to attend the US Championships in Florida).

When I return, we'll be hiring some additional help, and will have taken a decent-sized chunk out of the bronze by the end of the year.

I'm also concurrently working on a complete overhaul of the website design, which will include a lot of nice extras, like full technical charts (adding footwork, rise & fall, alignments, etc). This new design shows you which figures now have instructional videos. If you want to preview the new design, you can check it out here:


Click on the syllabus page for any dance to see the chart for that dance.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by denpin
9/4/2014  9:28:00 AM
Thank You for your qouick reply.
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by hledgard
9/19/2014  2:54:00 PM
I too am considering premium membership. I hope the membership is not auto-renewel. Can you clarify?
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by Administrator
9/19/2014  9:34:00 PM
Hi Hledgard,

That is correct. There is no auto-renewal on membership. It has to be done manually, but it is offered at a reduced rate of $79.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by updm002
9/20/2014  9:16:00 PM
I have been a full member for a couple of years and this is an amazing value. A lot of things in this sport seem over priced but this is NOT one of them. Great value and a super easy decision to renew at 79 dollars.
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