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Re: re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by delightfuldance
5/23/2005  3:23:00 PM
I agree with the Triple 2 step. 2 sets of chasse, then a walk walk, the triples replace the Slow Slow of the CW Two Step.

The other you are referring to as the Rhythm two step, is the way the old times use to dance the Two Step. Leading with the left, triple, then leading foot right triple step. That was all that was to it. Find a person older than 60 and ask them to two step (if they haven't been to any dances lately or classes) and I betcha they will triple triple. There are still some areas where that is the only way the do it. So Folk dance is a good label. Delighted
Two Step and Triple Two step
Posted by delightfuldance
2/4/2007  4:58:00 PM
Two Step (Texas two step, Country Two step)

Slow (12)
Slow (34)
Quick (5)
Quick (6)

Or some do Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow _ so find out which is more popular in your area or ask the person you are dancing with which they prefer.

Triple Two Step
1&2 QQS
3&4 QQS
5 Slow
6 Slow
Triple step, Triple step, walk, walk. or Chasse' Chasse' walk walk.
Re: re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by delightfuldance
2/4/2007  5:01:00 PM
" I always thought triple-2 was danced with progressive chasses or triple-step, triple-step, walk, walk or 1a2,3a4,56 (hence the name triple-2) and danced to slower music."

Exactly you got it!
Re: re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by CW Dancer in Tulsa
5/9/2007  7:58:00 PM
Look for C&W dance clubs in google. Ours in Tulsa is Tulsa Country and Western Dance Club - TCWDA - Not all states have C&W clubs. W e went to So Illinois and the only C&W dance we could find was a country barn dance way out in the country. If you want it you will find it!
Re: re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by danceswithdogs
8/7/2011  11:53:00 PM
Correct names and terms are important in dancing. What you discribed QQSS or SSQQ as it can be taught either way just a difference between down beats and up beats. Nothing else. I was taught it to be named the Western 2-step. The dance you discribe in the question I learned and taught as the Texas two-step. This goes back 25 years and 10,000 classes for me. Please if you come from ballroom. Stay there you really don't know. Texas 2-step another forgoten dance I still teach. Count is step touch step touch walk walk. Perfect song Amarillo by Morning by George Strait.I took 500 classes and I payed attention in everyone. Here is the breakdown. Mans step. Ladies is just the reverse starting on the right foot. Progress half step with left foot touch the right foot to it. progress half step with right foot touch left to it now walk walk start over.L touch R touch W W. I some times use this in a swing format lots of fun. Do not confuse with old dance Western Swing which was step touch step touch rock step. If you have any questions on western dance I should be able to answer them. I'll tell you if I can't
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