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13. Promenade Chasse
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Promenade Chasse
Dance / Level:Full Bronze American Style Waltz
Aliases:Chasse from Promenade Position, Twinkle and Chasse, Syncopated Chasse

The Promenade Chasse introduces the concept of syncopated rhythms to the Bronze American Waltz syllabus. Prior to learning this figure, the student has likely only danced to straight waltz timing (one step per beat of music) and hesitation timing (one step per measure of music).

The Promenade Chasse takes 4 steps over 3 beats of music, and so is danced to the timing of 12&3. The first and fourth step each take a whole beat, but the second and third steps only take a half beat each. Therefore the beat values for each of the steps in order are: 1, 1/2, 1/2, 1.

The figure begins in promenade position. The man steps forward & across on his right foot in promenade position and CBMP on count 1, then dances a chasse in promenade position (LRL) to the count of 2&3. He ends where he began, in promenade position with RF ready to move forward. The lady's part is natural opposite.

The most typical usage of the Promenade Chasse is to dance it after steps 1-3 of any promenade figure, such as Promenade Hesitation, Forward Twinkle, or Back Twinkle. The chasse can be repeated as desired, and is then typically followed by the second 3 steps of the same figure, e.g.:

Hesitation & Chasse

  • 1-3 Promenade Hesitation
  • 1-4 Promenade Chasse
  • 4-6 Promenade Hesitation

Twinkle & Chasse

  • 1-3 Twinkle
  • 1-4 Promenade Chasse
  • 4-6 Twinkle

Back Twinkle & Chasse

  • 1-3 Back Twinkle
  • 1-4 Promenade Chasse
  • 4-6 Back Twinkle

Repeated Chasse

  • 1-4 Promenade Chasse
  • 1-4 Promenade Chasse
  • Repeat as desired

* Note that the video demonstration shows the Twinkle & Chasse combination.

Being a promenade figure, the Promenade Chasse normally moves down line of dance, but can also travel toward diagonal center or diagonal wall, according to the previous figure.

As written in the man's and lady's charts, this figure is taken without sway. As a styling variation, it could be danced as follows:

Leader: No sway on 1. Sway to right on 2, turning head to right. Change from right to left sway on 3. Straighten sway on first step of following figure.

Follower: No sway on 1. Sway to left on 2, turning head to left. Change from left to right sway on 3. Straighten sway on first step of following figure.


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