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10a. Single Overhead Loop

The Single Overhead Loop is a type of Underarm Turn to Left (figure #5), where the man leads the lady to turn under a raised RH-RH hold (1a2), then "loops" the hand over and behind his head, placing it on the back of his neck. He then releases the hand hold, and the lady's right hand slides down his left arm towards his hand (3a4), finishing in a LH-RH hold for the final rock step (1,2).

The amounts of turn for the overhead loop are similar to that of the basic Underarm turn to Left, except that on the second chasse, the man and lady turn to counter-promenade position. This brings the man's left side and lady's right side close together, facilitating the overhead loop. The subsequent turning back to open facing position will put space between the man's left and lady's right side, causing the hand slide that ends in a LH-RH hold.

Because the figure ends with a different hand hold than that which it begins, it is not repeatable. However, there are several figures that can precede, follow, or be alternated with the Single Overhead Loop to create a short, repeatable sequence. The best options are those figures that either change from LH-RH to RH-RH hold by default, such as the Back Pass with Single Hand Change (figure #9a), or those that can easily incorporate such a hand change, such as the Basic Step in open position (figure #1a), or the Underarm Turn to Left (figure #5).


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